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Fountain of Youth Formula

Fountain of Youth Formula

BUBS Naturals Fountain of Youth is a powerful combination of BUBS Naturals collagen protein and a mega-dose of 1000 mg vitamin C, supplemented with the antioxidant powerhouse maqui berry and essential B vitamins from pantothenic acid and biotin. All of these are bound together with the creamy richness of BUBS MCT oil powder to give you a formula that’s as delicious as it is potent.

BUBS Naturals single-sourced and grass-fed collagen protein is a powerful supplement proven to boost skin elasticity and viscosity, improve gut health, support muscle recovery, and strengthen hair and nails. The addition of dried, ground maqui and 1,000 mg of vitamin C makes it an antioxidant that packs more than 7x the power of superfruits like goji and acai berries. Also in there is our MCT oil powder, derived from sustainably sourced coconuts, which provides a ketogenic fuel for a clean burst of energy and mental clarity.

10.16 oz / 18 Day Supply


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